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Recent sermons are available here for you to listen to or download. Left-click on the link to listen or right-click to download the mp3 file. If the Scripture reference is in red, you can hover the cursor over that reference to see the text of the Scripture.

Some messages are part of a series. Those that are have the series name in green after the title.

Old messages have been removed from the site to save space. If you would like a copy of any of these sermons, please see Ray Flash.

1/6/2019  Morning     How To Enjoy The Presence Of God
     Exodus 33:1-4        God must be present with you - direct disobedience (sin) disrupts your fellowship with God.

1/6/2019  Evening     How To Enjoy The Presence Of God (cont.)
     Exodus 33:1-4        Submission is key: complete dependence on God and no one and nothing else.

1/13/2019  Morning     It Is Good
     1 John 1:4        That your joy may be full. Preached by Bro. Donnie Starkey.

1/20/2019  Morning     The First Disaster
     Gen 3:22-24        The consequences of sin are much bigger than we can imagine. Preached by Bro. Donnie Starkey.

1/27/2019  Morning     The Root Of Bitterness
     Gen 4:13-16        Do not be angry at the Lord's chastening or the root of bitterness will grow. Preached by Bro. Donnie Starkey.

2/3/2019  Morning     Walking Wisely
     Pr 3:13-18        When we learn to walk wisely, everything else will be positively impacted.

2/3/2019  Evening     The Benefits Of Godly Wisdom
     Pr 2:1-9        There are many benefits of attaining Godly wisdom - pleasing God being one of the best.

2/10/2019  Morning     Love Is...
     1 Cor 13:1-13        The Bible tells us what true love is.

2/10/2019  Evening     Ways To Get Rid Of Discouragement
     Psalm 77        Most discouragement and depression results from faulty thinking.

2/17/2019  Morning     Part 1   Series: The Utmost Importance Of Faith
     Heb 11:1-7        Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

2/17/2019  Evening     Part 2   Series: The Utmost Importance Of Faith
     Heb 11:8-16        Part 2 of this morning's message.

2/24/2019  Morning     Part 3   Series: The Utmost Importance Of Faith
     Heb 11:23-29        What faith does.

2/24/2019  Evening     Part 4   Series: The Utmost Importance Of Faith
     Heb 11:32 - 12:2        How to acquire faith.

3/3/2019  Morning     Getting To Know God
     Acts 17:22-31        God has revealed Himself in creation so you may know Him.

3/3/2019  Evening     Satisfaction
     Psalms 107:1-9        How to be truly satisfied.

3/10/2019  Morning     Being A Good Neighbor
     Luke 10:25-37        All of mankind is our neighbor

3/10/2019  Evening     Dead To Sin
     Rom 6:8-14        Through His death, the Lord Jesus Christ saves us from the penalty of sin, the power of sin and the presence of sin.

3/17/2019  Morning     What Does The Cross Mean To You?
     Luke 23:33-43        The cross of Christ is the symbol of our salvation.

3/17/2019  Evening     Following God's Will
     Matt 16:21-27        Check your motives, deny yourself, take up your cross and look for the blessings.

3/24/2019  Morning     My Salvation
     Isaiah 12:1-6        Is the result of God's wonderful mercy and His amazing grace. I will praise Him for it.

3/24/2019  Evening     Desperate For Jesus
     Mark 5:24-34        The Lord allows storms in our lives to remind us of our need for Him and to draw us to greater faith in Him.

3/31/2019  Morning     Casting Stones
     John 8:1-12        Jesus knew the woman's sin before the scribes and pharisees brought her, but He also knew their sin.

3/31/2019  Evening     The Light Of The World
     John 8:12        How do we walk in the light?

4/7/2019  Morning     The Nobleman's Pounds
     Luke 19:11-27        The Lord Jesus Christ will reward those who occupy till He comes again.

4/7/2019  Evening     Strength
     Isaiah 40:25-31        God is the source of all strength.

4/21/2019  Morning     He Is Risen - Celebrate!
     John 20:1-2, 11-18        Jesus is not dead and gone therefore, our sins are gone.

4/21/2019  Evening     Touch The Nail-Pierced Hands
     John 20:24-31        Be not faithless, but believing.

4/28/2019  Morning     With Jesus
     John 21:1-6        Working in our own strength produces no fruit; following Jesus produces much fruit.

4/28/2019  Evening     Lovest Thou Me?
     John 21:7-17        Jesus desires to have the number one position in our lives - and He deserves it.

5/5/2019  Morning     Behold, It Was Good
     Gen 1:1-31        In the beginning, God...

5/5/2019  Evening     The Tactics Of The Enemy
     Gen 3:1-7        We are in a battle - a spiritual battle.

5/12/2019  Morning     A Mother's Powerful Influence
     2 Tim 1:1-5        A mother has more influence over her child than anyone else.

5/19/2019  Morning     Armed Forces In Christ
     Eph 6:10-18        All Christians are soldiers in the Lord's army - we are at war.

5/26/2019  Morning     Remember Where You Come From
     Eph 2:1-10        Let us not forget the sacrifice that purchased our freedom from sin.

5/26/2019  Evening     Combating Satan's Doubts

     We don't have the power to remove ourselves from salvation.

6/2/2019  Morning     The Fountain Of Living Water
     John 4:7-14        Jesus is the only source of living water.

6/2/2019  Evening     The Friendship Of Christ
     John 15:12-17        Jesus is our greatest Friend.

6/9/2019  Morning     What Are You Wearing Today?
     Col 3:1-14        Christians have the choice of whether to put on the new man each day.

6/16/2019  Morning     The Good Father
     Luke 15:11-32        God is the greatest Father of all.

6/23/2019  Morning     In Jesus' Hands
     Matt 14:13-21        Put everything into the Lord's hands - He makes the impossible possible.

6/30/2019  Morning     The Romans Road
     Rom 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10, 10:13        The plan of salvation is simple - we don't deserve it, but God wants us to have it.

6/30/2019  Evening     Detours
     Rom 8:28        Sometimes life will send you down a detour, but God will use it for the Christian's good.

7/7/2019  Morning     Giving Glory To God
     Luke 17:11-19        We frequently fail to give God the glory He deserves.

7/7/2019  Evening     Salty Christians
     Matt 5:13        Pure salt cannot lose its savor. Likewise, Christians are to remain pure so we don't lose the savor that is pleasing to God.

7/14/2019  Morning     What Happens When I Die?
     John 3:16-18, 2 Cor 5:1-10        That depends on whether you trust in Jesus for your salvation.

7/14/2019  Evening     The Importance Of God's Word
     Heb 4:12        God's Word is the standard - even when our hearts tell us otherwise.

7/21/2019  Morning     Why Be Baptised?
     Matt 3:13-17        Baptism does not save you or add to or complete your salvation - it identifies us with Jesus.

7/21/2019  Morning     What Have I To Fear?
     Ex 14:10-15        The Lord can be trusted in all circumstances, no matter how bleak things look to us.

7/28/2019  Morning     More Than Conquerors
     Rom 8:28-39        Not everything that happens to us is good, but God can use everything to work good.

7/28/2019  Evening     It's Your Choice
     Acts 16:16-34        Bad things will happen to you in this life - how you respond to them is up to you.

8/4/2019  Morning     Controlling Anger   Series: Controlling Anger
     Numbers 22:21-34        Anger, by itself, is not sin if you keep it under control, rather than letting it control you.

8/4/2019  Evening     Practicing Kindness   Series: Controlling Anger
     Luke 23:32-43        Like the Lord Jesus Christ, we are to practice kindness, despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.

8/11/2019  Morning     All I Need Is Jesus
     2 Tim 4:16-18        There is no one who will care for you like the Lord Jesus Christ.

8/11/2019  Evening     Who Are Ye?
     Acts 19:11-17        Our identity is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

8/18/2019  Morning     Unity In The Church
     Eph 4:1-6        Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

8/18/2019  Evening     Expect The Unexpected
     Luke 12:35-40        We don't know when Jesus will return, but He is coming soon!

8/25/2019  Morning     How Is Your Fruit?
     Luke 6:43-45        The fruit we bear is the evidence of what is in our hearts.

8/25/2019  Evening     To Extol The Lord
     Ps 30:1-7a        Praise the Lord with enthusiasm for His many blessings.

9/1/2019  Morning     Promises   Series: The Exceeding Great & Precious Promises Of God
     2 Peter 1:1-4        What is a promise?

9/1/2019  Evening     The Exceeding Great & Precious Promises Of God   Series: The Exceeding Great & Precious Promises Of God
     2 Peter 1:1-8        In Jesus, we are partakers of the Divine Nature.

9/8/2019  Morning     The Exceeding Great & Precious Promises Of God   Series: The Exceeding Great & Precious Promises Of God
     Heb 4:14-16        Jesus' work is finished - He is now making intercession for us at the throne of God.

9/8/2019  Evening     The Exceeding Great & Precious Promises Of God   Series: The Exceeding Great & Precious Promises Of God
     John 14:1-4        Believers need not fear death - Jesus is alive and preparing a place for us.

9/15/2019  Morning     How Is Your Faith?
     John 6:1-13        God is good all the time - do you trust Him in all your trials?

9/15/2019  Evening     The Instructions On Prayer
     Matt 6:5-13        Prayer is a privilege and a command. It is also communication with God - it goes both ways.

9/22/2019  Morning     The Mind Of Christ - Pt 1
     Phillipians 2:5-11        Humility characterizes the mind of Christ.

9/22/2019  Evening     The Mind Of Christ - Pt 2
     Phillipians 2:1-11        How to have the mind of Christ.

9/29/2019  Morning     How To Die And Go To Hell   Series: Revival
     John 8:21-27        Guest Speaker: Charles Christopher.

9/30/2019  Evening     I Will If You Will   Series: Revival
     2 Chron 7:14        The Lord is waiting for us to humble ourselves and pray. Guest Speaker: Charles Christopher.

10/1/2019  Evening     The Greatest...   Series: Revival
     John 3:16        Everything that the Lord offers us is His best. Guest Speaker: Charles Christopher.

10/2/2019  Evening     The Greatest... Part 2   Series: Revival
     John 3:16        Everything that the Lord offers us is His best. Guest Speaker: Charles Christopher.

10/6/2019  Morning     Partiality
     James 2:1-3        We are not to hold our faith with partiality. Guest Speaker: Butch Stapleton.

10/6/2019  Evening     The Wrong Of Partiality
     James 2:3-5        Partiality displays a disgraceful attitude. Guest Speaker: Butch Stapleton.

10/13/2019  Morning     Different Classes Of Sinners
     Luke 7:36-50        All sins are an offence against God: there are no different classification of sins or sinners to God.

10/13/2019  Evening     You Reap What You Sow
     Gal 6:7-10        God cannot be outwitted - He sees and knows all.

10/20/2019  Morning     Lord, Light My Candle
     Ps 18:20-28        How would you rate your walk with Jesus? How would others rate it?

10/20/2019  Evening     Getting Your Candle Lit And Keeping It Lit
     Ps 119:9-16        You must have the desire to be cleansed of sin.

10/27/2019  Morning     Have You Praised The Lord Lately?
     Ps 34:1-8        The fact of the matter is we should praise the Lord all of the time and His praise should be on our lips continuously.

10/27/2019  Evening     Victory In Jesus
     1 Cor 15:54-57        Only in the Lord Jesus do we have victory over sin, death and life.

11/3/2019  Morning     When Times Change
     James 1:2-18        When (not if) trials come into your life, they can be an indication that God is working in your life.

11/3/2019  Evening     What To Do When Times Change
     James 1:17-22        Be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

11/10/2019  Morning     Thank You For Your Service
     Matt 25:14-30        The time, talents, money and opportunities that the Lord gives us are for use in His service.

11/10/2019  Evening     Regrets
     1 Cor 2:6-11        If I had only known.

11/17/2019  Morning     Let Us Pray Pt 1
     Matt 6:5-15        Jesus died to give us the privilege to come boldly before the Throne of Grace. We need to do it correctly and often.

11/17/2019  Evening     Let Us Pray Pt 2
     1 Kings 19:9-13        In prayer, we need to listen more than talk.

11/24/2019  Morning     Seven Big Reasons To Praise The Lord Pt 1
     Psalm 100        There are a multitude of reasons to praise the Lord.

11/24/2019  Evening     Seven Big Reasons To Praise The Lord Pt 2
     Psalm 100        There are a multitude of reasons to praise the Lord.